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Enlightened-ish Podcast

Welcome to Enllightened-ish Podcast: Unapologetic Conversations Inspired by Real Life

Oct 11, 2017

Welcome to Episode 15, where we were scared shitless. Nope, not a episode about conquering your fears…just how we felt interviewing New York Times published journalist, Wendy Lu. 

Wendy is a multimedia journalist who writes on topics of identity politics (gender, race, disability), health, social issues, and relationships. She was born with vocal cord paralysis (a physical visible disability) and fiercely advocates for people with disabilities. We talk moving to the bright light, big city capital of the world, and how that move was especially empowering for Wendy. 

Imposter syndrome — apparently no woman is left untouched. Another tie that binds? Our love for Trevor Noah. Living in the city forces your hand to advocate for yourself, but it also can inspire you on another level. 

Wendy takes us through how she grew both personally and professionally while pursuing her J-degree at Columbia. She shares what it was like to pitch a story to the editors of the NYT, and how advocating for your work can often force you to become an advocate for yourself. 

If you’re a writer, artist, creative at heart, or just debating taking a big leap, this episode is for you!

For more of Wendy's work, click here.